Phil’s Thrills

Your Friendly Neighborhood Travel Concierge

Howdy Folks, I’m Uncle Phil of Phil’s Thrills

I started this business at the urging of my beloved nephew Thaddeus, and from there it has grown into the thriving enterprise it is today.

I love to plan out every detail of fun and exciting weekend trips for close-knit groups of friends. Every detail is carefully worked out from time spent at each stop to the luxurious dining at riverside cafes.

My trips are quite different from the “box-store” trip planners; as my trips always qualify as “out-of-the-box”. Some of my favorite trips have been to Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon, hidden gems in Wild and Wooly West Virginia, exploring the wonders of scenic Route 8, traveling the wondrous Donut Trail in southwestern Ohio, and visiting the quaint Allegheny Grill and Allegheny RiverStone Center for the Arts. (Thaddeus insisted we needed to add some high-class stops on our tours, so now we can serve high-falutin’ folks as well as common folk.)

Upcoming trips may include a lost diners tour in Pennsylvania, a zip line crossing of Niagara Falls whilst following the Buffalo Wing Trail, an overnight excursion to Polymath Park, and trips to various Amish outposts.

Call me today if you would like me to plan and lead your next off-the-beaten-path excursion.

And remember – Phil’s Thrills – Cheaper By The Hour!

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